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Civil Defense Agency, County of Hawaii が提供する溶岩見学。危険だからと人々を遠ざけるのではなく、流れる高温の溶岩に近づいて見学することを積極的に勧めている。こうすることによって、火山に親しむ文化が地域に形成されて、災害につよい人間社会が火山とともに永続する。

Where can I go to see the lava flow up close?

The current lava flow has reached the ocean, and is crossing land and entering the water at an area near Kalapana that is relatively accessible. A safe viewing program for the public has been developed by County, State and Federal agencies, and coordinated by Hawai‘i County Civil Defense. The viewing area is open daily from 2:00 in the afternoon until 10:00 at night, as long as conditions remain safe for the public. The last vehicles are allowed in at 8:00 to allow people adequate time to view the lava before the site closes at 10:00 p.m. A Lava Hotline is updated daily and confirms whether the lava viewing site will be open that day. The telephone number for the Hotline is (808) 961-8093. Visitors should be aware that conditions can change rapidly, and that viewing will be closed should any changes occur that will threaten the safety of viewers.

The viewing site is located at the end of Highway 130. From the parking area, there is a walk of approximately one quarter to one mile across lava to the site. For safety, you are asked to dress appropriately with long pants, closed-toe shoes, hat and sun screen. It can be very hot and sunny, so please bring water, and flashlights if you will be at the site after dark. You should also be prepared for the possibility of rain. There are a limited number of portable toilets available near the parking area, so be prepared.

People are asked to stay on the trails as marked and obey any requests by the interpreters that may be issued for their safety.